SharePoint 2013 and Business Intelligence

Hesam Seyed Mousavi, Dec 2, 2012

SharePoint 2013 supports corporate deployments and significantly improves governance and compliance over the self-service BI assets. SQL Server 2012 SP1 is required for server side compatibility.

Hesam Seyed Mousavi

SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is a version of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 that supports Microsoft Excel Services in SharePoint Server 2013 to handle Excel workbooks that contain data models and Reporting Services Power View for SharePoint 2013.

Excel Services in SharePoint 2013 includes basic PowerPivot functionality. You do not need to deploy a separate PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 add-in into the farm to enable interaction with a PowerPivot workbook. You only need to install an Analysis Services server in SharePoint mode and register the server within the Excel Services Data Model settings.

You can enable full PowerPivot functionality and features in your SharePoint farm by deploying the PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 add-in.

PowerPivot for SharePoint: Analysis Services provides a backend service for Excel Services to load, query, and refresh PowerPivot data models so that users can interact with Excel workbooks that contain data models in the browser. Analysis Services in SharePoint mode is fully independent of and external to SharePoint, although the server running Analysis Services must be on the same network and Active Directory Domains Services (AD DS) forest as the SharePoint farm.

You install and manage Analysis Services using SQL Server installation media and tools. Choose the setup option PowerPivot for SharePoint. After you install Analysis Services in SharePoint mode, the only additional configuration task is to configure Excel Services to point to the Analysis Services instance.

For detailed steps on installing a single server, see. Install Analysis Services Server in SharePoint Mode for SharePoint 2013 (SQL Server 2012 SP1).

spPowerpivot.msi: A Windows Installer package available with the SQL Server 2012 SP1 Feature Pack. The installer enhances the PowerPivot for SharePoint experience with more features such as PowerPivot Gallery and Schedule Data Refresh. The .msi deploys Analysis Services client libraries, the PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 Configuration tool, and copies PowerPivot for SharePoint 2013 installation files to SharePoint servers.


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